Mandatory Face Covering Rule Now in Effect

Effective Wednesday July 1, all Oregonians are required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces. You can read Governor Brown's press release here.

This means that our customers must wear face coverings any time they are not at their table.

Welcome to Twist Wine Company’s new look!

We have made some changes to our layout and policies to reflect Oregon's Covid 19 Phase One re-opening guidelines.


We have always strived to make Twist a place of community and we will continue to do so in these challenging times. Thank you all for your support and encouragement it has meant the world to us! We have spent the last eight weeks strategizing about what the new abnormal will look like, in order to make well informed decisions about our safety and the safety of our community.



To that end, please respect the following policies:


-Face coverings are now mandatory. You must wear a face covering anytime you are not at your table.



-We have hand sanitizer available and encourage you to sanitize your hands upon entering Twist Wine Company. A squirt or two goes a long way.



-If it looks like a road, it is meant to be travelled. Please do not hang out in dotted line zones. These are thoroughfares only and are designed to maintain 6 feet of separation between parties.



-Customer zones are delineated by white lines. Please stay within these zones unless you are ordering or using the restroom.



-The bar is off limits for hanging out. We know it sucks. Trust us that it sucks way more for us and we can’t wait for that rule to be rescinded when it is safe to do so.


 -Staff will be wearing face coverings at all times when interacting with customers. This is for your safety as well as ours.



-Customer zones have been mapped out to respect 6 feet social distancing rules. Do not move tables or exchange barstools. If you have a question regarding seating or customer zones please check in with staff.



-Groups that choose to hang out together can be no larger than 10 persons. Please respect this rule as it will be enforced, even when we know it will suck to do so.



-You can look but you can’t touch. Please ask staff for assistance with beverages in the coolers. One person at a time in the beverage cooler Zone.



-We have cleared back stock from the retail area. If you are interested in purchasing retail items, check with staff about availability.



-Please leave dirty dishes on your table. We have a procedure for collecting dirty dishes that minimizes chances of cross contamination. Please do not bring dirty dishes to the bar.



-We will clean and sanitize each customer zone in between parties. Likewise, we will be cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom regularly so there may be times when these areas are unavailable.



-We will continue to offer to go/take out and curbside service as well as local deliveries daily as schedule permits.



-If you feel even slightly under the weather, please stay home. For all of us.



-If you show visible signs of potential COVID 19 symptoms, we may respectfully ask you to leave out of an abundance of caution.



Please bear with us as we expect to refine our policies as circumstances dictate. We will not be serving food during this initial re-opening phase so we can better understand the nuances of best sanitation practices. We apologize in advance if we flub our way through these first few weeks. We are trying hard to make good decisions. On a final note, we are all processing this new abnormal differently. No one has been down this road before, and we ask that you treat everyone’s comfort level with graciousness.