12 Step

12 Step Program


At basket case wines, we don't believe that 'responsible business' is a phrase to be used in year end reports. Instead, we believe that our business should be a direct extension of ourselves, and we hope that 'responsibility' guides our business life just as it does our personal one. To that end, the following 12 steps represent our version of the traditional 'mission statement', and we believe them to be a core basis for our meetings!


1. Insanity is just a word for the uniqueness of individuality. Diversity isn't the spice of life, it is life.

2. We are not a non-profit company. That said, we believe in making an honest buck and delivering to the consumer an exceptional value. Everything at basket case wine company is a reflection of ourselves. We make the wine, design the label, build the website, execute the administration and manage the sales and marketing. Our efficiency allows us to operate on lower margin thus delivering to our consumer partners a better value for their dollar.

3. We strive to create a positive work environment. Happy people make happy employees. You can't measure productivity on a time card.

4. You have a choice on where to spend your dollar. Choose wisely, and you can change the world.

5. Leadership can't be defined; it can only be observed. We hope to be a positive interpretation of all the leaders we have known, both good and bad.

6.We are committed to giving back to our community and beyond. Even the smallest offerings can make a world of difference.

7. Business is friendship that happens from 9 to 5, and if you're lucky, continues well in to the night. We view our customers as consumers, partners, and most of all, friends.

8. Mediocrity is a standard not worth working towards.

9. You'll never know if the limb will break if you don't go out on it.

10. We are merely temporary custodians of the environment-we should care for it responsibly. Click here for more info.

11. Drink what you like, not what some number tells you to. You are your own best gauge of what tastes good.

12. Work hard, play hard, and have fun doing both.