Writing Your Memoir Workshop

In our fourteen years at Twist Wine Company, we have come to realize that each and every one of our customers has amazing life experiences. Maybe it is time to write them down! Join us for a once a week, month long workshop on Memoir writing hosted by local author Athena. You'll be amazed at how other people will love the stories of your life! Send us an email and we will get you all the registration details. Class meets on Sundays from 3-4:30 October 25-November 15. $60 per person.

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Have you ever thought about putting your drinking stories down on paper? Got a gift for gab? If any year inspired a memoir, 2020 is it. If any year required a delicious bottle of wine to wash down the epic set of disappointments, worry and confusion, this would be the one.
In fact, you might say 2020 was made for your memoir writing pleasure. So, let’s get to it.

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll cover methods, tools, self-care, and safety nets for writing about real life people. More importantly, we’ll also drink wine and build community.
Close out 2020 with a plan to capture your life story, and a bottle of wine to toast the new year.
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Week One: Preparing for your Memoir. This week you’ll get acquainted with the process of memoir and receive a set of worksheets for the class. We’ll drink wine and discuss the memoirs that have moved us, and talk about our personal motivations to document the stories we’ve lived. We’ll talk about the guardrails, and safety nets in place for capturing story and keeping ourselves sane while re-living events through the page. AND we’ll cover basic story structure.

Week Two: This week we’ll tuck into the process of collecting details and timelines. As we get further away from our stories, we lose the minutia that makes each story so powerful. Whether you’re writing your memoir now, or thinking about doing it in the future, these tricks and worksheets will help you collect data, jog your memory, and store the information for later use.

Week Three: Assembling the team. We rarely live our stories in isolation. (Well, except for this year…) Many of our memoirs require the interaction of other characters to move the plot—but many of those characters are based on real people. What are the liabilities? How do we include other humans in the story without setting off a legal battle, exacerbating an old wound, or hurting feelings? We’ll work on amalgamate characters and talk about ethics. The story is what it is. For those with characters that don’t have these ethical danger zones—we’ll work on character descriptions, and character writing methods.

Week Four: Pulling it all together. This week we’ll discuss weaving all the bits together. We’ll talk about world development for your piece. We’ll cover tone and synergy and the shape of the outcome you’d like to experience.
When you leave for the winter season to work on your memoir, you’ll be well stocked with prompts, worksheets, methods and vino.

Twist Wine Company has re-opened!

Thank you for your support and encouragement during the new abnormal. We have reopened with a new social distancing layout. Please bear with us as we adjust to all these new rules. UPDATE-Face coverings are now mandatory at all times when not seated at your table.

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