Hello Twist family! On Thursday, May 14 the CDC and Governor Kate Brown announced that fully vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks indoors. This is great news! It is the first solid sign that we may finally be moving towards a sense of normalcy. Social interactions lie at the heart of who we are as human beings, and wine has been both our passion and career for the last 25 years. Since our inception in 2008, we have strived to make Twist Wine Company a place of community-a place where wine and camaraderie can comingle. COVID-19 changed all of that. The last year has been difficult for all of us. Between full and partial shutdowns and restricted occupancies, Twist Wine Company has just barely survived by the skin of our teeth.


While we expect updated guidance to come out in the next few days, it appears that reductions of social distancing rules and elimination of mask requirements are going to be tied to proof of vaccination. In other words, we will be given the choice between operating under Oregon’s current risk framework with all of its mask and social distancing restrictions, or operating at a level approaching normalcy if we require proof of vaccination.


Operating at a maximum of 50% occupancy over the last year has been financially devastating and physically and emotionally draining. Playing mask and distance police has been a nightmare. We need our business back. We are ready to hug our friends become social butterflies once again.


Starting Friday, May 14 Twist Wine Company will be requiring proof of vaccination for indoor seating. If you are fully vaccinated as defined by the CDC, then you no longer need to abide by social distancing and mask requirements. Free the lips! If you are partially vaccinated, then you must continue to follow social distance and mask requirements. Outdoor seating is available for the unvaccinated or those who do not have proof of vaccination.


We look forward to the day that all of us can enjoy all of the freedoms that COVID-19 has taken away. Until then, please bear with us as we continue to navigate these frequently changing and always frustrating COVID 19 restrictions.


Thank You!


-Sean and Chenin



Social distancing is definitely getting old but we are going to be with it for a little while longer. If you want to stock up on your brain lubrication, we are offering a special sale on 12 bottle cases of wine. Purchase any 12 bottle combo between January 1 and May 31 and receive an extra 10% off for a total discount of 20%!


2017 Reversal Syrah now available!!

We are now shipping out of state!

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Welcome to Twist Wine Company

Starting with our first vintage in 2004, our mission has been simple-make wines that we want to drink, and make them reflective of our passion: crafting special occasion wines you can drink everyday. And the only way to make exceptional wine is to start with exceptional grapes.


Grapevines, like people, wear their emotions on their sleeves. Varietal expression is maximized when grapes are grown in climates that most closely resemble their native habitat.

As vintners, we believe that our job is to use subtle winemaking techniques to make sure that this varietal character stays true throughout the fermentation and aging process. Click here for more info on varietal character.

Twist Wine Company and Lounge

Our tasting room is located in downtown Pacific City, a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem. We are a small, family owned négociant style winery. We believe the best wines are made by selecting vineyards in climates similar to each grapes genetic history. We make all of our own wine in nearby McMinnville, Oregon and serve them here at the beach, along with a smattering of some exciting beer.


We fell in love with wine in the early 90's and moved to the Napa Valley-Chenin in 1992 and Sean in 1994. There we worked for some of the best wineries in the Valley as we learned the art of making wine: Domaine Chandon, Groth Vineyard and Winery, and Pine Ridge Winery. We followed this passion to Oregon in 2001 and learned the Oregon way at Archery Summit Winery, Lange Estate Winery, and Cristom Vineyards. In the last 20 plus years we've learned to make what we like, and we hope you like what we make!


Our eclectic mix of wine, relaxation, suds and experience will set you on your path to wine appreciation without all the pomp and circumstance. Whether you want to geek out on winemaking or just enjoy a glass of wine, we hope you visit us for that much deserved relaxation we all need so much!

Current Releases

Wine Price
2018 Shy Chenin Chenin Blanc


2017 Moodlite Merlot


2017 Reversal Pinot Noir


2016 Reversal Syrah


2016 Double Reversal Syrah


2019 Shy Chenin Sparkling Syrah



5% Discount on 6 bottles or more, 10% Discount on 12 bottles or more.

Basket Case Wines

Basket Case Wines is our production operation located in downtown McMinnville, Oregon. We make arrogance busting wines out of Chenin Blanc, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and Merlot in the heart of McMinnville's wine ghetto.