We make wines under four labels: Reversal, Shy Chenin, Moodlite and Stumbling Block. We cut our teeth in the Napa Valley. Working for other wineries, we realized that most wineries had the same label for all their wines, with the only difference being the name of the grape. We felt this was confusing, as year after year returning customers couldn't remember which wine they liked the best. So, we like to give each style of wine we make its own label. 

Shy Chenin

Shy Chenin is one of our tribute labels. Chenin's dad Vincenzo always wanted to make a blush wine and label it with a picture of Chenin blushing. He never got around to it, but we figured we would step up to the plate. The Shy Chenin label is our fun time wine!

Shy Chenin Chenin Blanc

Shy Chenin Syrah Rose

Shy Chenin Sparkling Syrah



Reversal is our Reserve wine label. We make three reserve level wines: Reversal Pinot Noir, Reversal Syrah and Double Reversal Syrah. Twenty years ago, a Reserve designation symbolized a winery's best and most expensive wine. Unfortunately, it has become more of a marketing term. You can find mass produced wine with a Reserve designation. We wanted to pay respect to this tradition, in our own way. We realized one night after a lot of drinking that if you take the word Reserve and reverse two letters you get Reverse, and a new label was born.


Reversal is our impression of everything we've ever wanted to do in winemaking. It's a no holds barred approach to wine. We're not concerned about cost, just quality. 


Reversal Pinot Noir

Reversal Syrah

Double Reversal Syrah


The second wine in our tribute series, we make Moodlite Merlot to honor Vincenzo Cilurzo's first career as a Hollywood lighting director. In the 1950's, Vince decided he needed to find a way to condense Hollywood lighting sets in to something you could have in your living room for cocktail parties. He hand built and sold thousands of Moodlites. Eventually he sold the patent to GE, who turned them in to Moodlites, Moonlamps, and Lavalamps. Vince used the proceeds to help start the first commercial vineyard planted in the Temecula Valley in 1968. We still have a few of the original Moodlites pictured on the label.

Moodlite Merlot